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The Fruit of All, a poem

The following is an important poem from my upcoming novel Destroying Eden. It's a prophecy. Who do you think wrote it? The Fruit of All Angel of Exile, cast out from the sun;Caring Dominion, old Lord of the Land;Orchard fruit bitter, iron on the tongue:become Corruption; New Fall of New Man.Race of new creatures with… Continue reading The Fruit of All, a poem

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In-Character Poem: softness

softness by N.D. Wheelwright I beg for a moment, a lingering eternity in your grace, denouncing the cyclical revolution of my own desires, unearthed: a soul for one more day of spineless perpetuation, joyless survival colliding with the blazing forest He made and yet will not Himself quench. Happy Satórday! Shailo note: This post is… Continue reading In-Character Poem: softness