Destroying Eden

A work-in-progress, Destroying Eden is an amalgamation of
intertwining stories that span time and mythologies, adding up to one exciting climax. Read on to find out more, or
read a chapter of Destroying Eden right now.

Destroying Eden: Witch Queen

A headstrong witch leaves her home in 16th century England to rule the Garden of Eden as Queen, but her charming Nephilim King’s secret plans could end her reign before it begins.

Jane Levaris has studied magic and expanded on her innate capabilities her entire life. As an English noblewoman under Elizabethan rule, and as future matriarch in her coven, she has the responsibility to bear a child. As an aromantic woman in her late twenties, she bears little excitement to be courted by or to marry her late cousin’s husband.

When charismatic Caspar comes to court her, Jane takes an interest in a book he has brought for her to read: one that he claims was a gift from Lillith herself—Adam’s first wife, the first witch. Within the book, Lillith reveals a prophecy, and it would seem Jane fits the role perfectly. Caspar suggests she help him to find the Garden of Eden, and Jane pounces upon the opportunity to expand her magic, to be more powerful than any witch has been in centuries—and to escape her grandmother’s insistence that she find a man to have a daughter with. With Caspar at her side, Jane sets out with the mission to rule over the thriving ancient society within the walls of Eden.

But maybe she should have researched her new partner first.

Join Jane as Caspar introduces her to the first vampires, powerful demons, and a peculiar sidekick who won’t show his face. Follow along with Caspar as he explains his past and what’s so important about…

Destroying Eden

Release date to be announced.