Impostertops the New Dinosaur, and Other Things I Did Instead of Working on My Novel

It’s amazing how busy you can feel even when you don’t have a job. Camp NaNoWriMo certainly helps keep a girl constantly worrying about her word count, but being unemployed has a way of making you do a lot of work—to find a new job. Between job searching, seeing The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore in St. Louis this week, and trying to accomplish some projects at home, it’s actually been a pretty trying week.

Tuesday night, Macklemore played first at the concert, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Macklemore had a great energy, a great sense of humor, and an obsession with St. Louis barbecue? We jammed to everyone’s favorite “Thrift Shop,” and he did a few costume changes, dressing like Willy Wonka at one point after inviting some concert-goers onto the stage to sit on an…air mattress? And then later, the crowd chanted “Throw that dog!” while Macklemore tossed hotdogs to a member of the audience who caught the second one, which is evidently an omen that we are embarking on the best summer of our lives. This is it folks, I’m peaking at 29. No more good summers from now on.

After a dance off by some audience members, and a fun set, Macklemore took his palm trees and his plastic coyote Roger off-stage and made way for Kesha’s UFO to be inflated in the middle of it instead. The set looked awesome, and Kesha descended the steps from her ship with lights ablaze and the most gorgeous white, rhinestoned outfit I have ever seen. I knew Kesha to be a beautiful person, but seeing her live allowed me to see just how stunningly gorgeous she really is, and it only helped that she had a far more wonderful voice than I ever could have imagined. Her band played all of the most familiar songs, giving a rock concert feel to the pop music she’s associated with. It was fast-paced and fun, and there was so much confetti. Kesha sang her heart out to “Jolene,” and wowed us with her own costume changes, always displaying rainbows and/or glitter or fringe. Aside from the incessant humidity, it was a fantastic night for a concert.

So I had stuff planned that day, and I didn’t do any writing afterward. Which is fine because I made sure to write 800 words before I left for the concert. But ever since then, it has been harder and harder to get myself to write. I promised myself I wouldn’t let Camp NaNo kick my ass until Week 3, and we’re still not there yet, so it’s time to power through. And also repromise myself not to let Camp NaNo kick my ass.

Still, the promise hasn’t yet kept me from procrastinating. Tonight, the chat server for role players and writers that I run on Discord was booming far more than usual. When the conversation turned to discussing everyone’s characters’ kinks, someone suggested I make a new channel called “this is where we go to discuss our characters’ kinks,” so I did. I have never seen the chat so active. We spent a good chunk of time naming kinks and stating which characters had them. It was a lot of goofy fun, and at the same time, I voice chatted with my squad, and the topics were mostly related to the kink discussion, but sometimes meandered, hence…. Impostertops. You know. Triceratops, Tyrannotops, Impostertops. Just your typical dinos. There’s not much context other than someone managed to use the phrase “Impostertops,” and I said it sounded like the name of a dinosaur. I wish I could remember why that was so hilarious at the time.

But now here I sit, trying to deliver on my blog content promises while my novel still sits untouched for the day, and it’s almost 6:30AM. I haven’t been to bed, and I have a job interview I still need to shower for. And someone will need to have my kid for me while I do my interview, but I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m kinda thinking I will reschedule. But not before making a concerted effort to line up all my ducks before I have to go.

*BIG BREATH IN* *Long sigh* I really wish I was asleep right now.

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