Radio Silence is Over


You may have noticed that you haven’t heard from me in a while, and if you guessed that it’s because of In Lieu of Underwear: A Vampire Story, you would be hella correct, but I’ll tell you more about that next week. Right now, I want to tell you about how I have taken my time to plan a relaunch—a rebirth, if you will—for this blog, and I am very excited to show you what’s different and what to expect going forward.

As you may already know, I am an author of vampire fiction on a journey to consume as much vampire media as possible. This goal is born out of not just a love for the vampire genre, but also out of a deficiency of mine in how much I actually have consumed within the genre. I’m the type who likes an album and plays it on repeat all day long for a month. I’m a little bit the same when it comes to vampire shows and books. I haven’t branched out because I’m comfortable enjoying one thing.

As someone who loves to write about vampire protagonists, I have decided to use my author blog as an accountability program to my goal of expanding the breadth of my vamp fic knowledge. In doing so, I’m inviting you to come on the same journey. We can become Vampire Fiction Aficionados together.

New Beginnings

So how are we going to navigate this adventure together? Here are the things you can look for on this site on a monthly basis:

  • Monthly Theme – Posts every month will relate back to a chosen theme.
  • Weekly Blog Posts – These will consist of articles, short stories, WIP updates, and maybe even a new serialized novel, all related to vampires or dark fantasy/fiction.
  • Guest Posts – Some of the weekly blog posts mentioned above may be delivered by a guest blogger!
  • One Vampire Movie Weekend – I don’t watch movies often, so I have to schedule this kind of thing out in advance. This may turn out to be one movie on a Saturday or it may turn into a binge-fest of the Blade or Underworld movies. Who knows? We’ll play this one by ear for now. I will be live-tweeting these experiences with the hashtag #VampireMovieWeekend or maybe #vmw if that’s not something else already.
  • One Vampire TV Show – Not a whole show probably, but casual daily consumption of at least one vampire show until I’ve completed it.
  • Vampire Book Club – I’m reading at least one vampire book a month. I used to do a monthly discussion with this, and while I would kind of like to do this still, I think instead, I may try to tweet about it while I read instead. It’s all just a work-in-progress isn’t it?

Another thing that isn’t official, but that I’m considering is a weekly livestream, but I have a bit of workshopping to do on the idea right now.

It’s… a lot, I know. If you want to keep me going through this journey, it would be great if you could buy me a coffee. A tiny bit of financial support will produce a lot of emotional miles (and probably even some tears; I’m a big cry baby lol ;v; )

Guest Blog Opportunities!

Have something to say about vampires? An entertaining top 10 list perhaps, or something thought-provoking and deep? Perhaps you even have a vampire short story you want to put out into the world, or want a prompt for a story to write just for us! Assuming you’re here to support those of us in the vampire fiction community, we want to hear from you! Speak with me directly about guest blogging opportunities on Twitter @shailo_sator or through email at

To Sum It All Up

Our vampire fiction journey is reborn! I’m back for regular weekly content. And next week, I have some news about ILU, so look out for it.

Fangs for reading! I love you and I’ll see you around. MUAH!

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