Recommendation: Finish the Damn Book!

As it is currently July—AKA: Camp NaNoWriMo!—I thought it prudent to provide writers some assistance in cranking out a novel. Here’s what I have for you.


Area of Advice: Productivity

Finish the Damn Book! by Martin McConnell

I’ve been reading Martin McConnell’s motivational book about writing, called Finish the Damn Book! In it, McConnell takes on an informal, light-a-fire-under-your-ass tone, and he delivers to the reader the plain truth about writing: if you call yourself a writer, you have to write. The chapters are short, quick reads that provide insight from a man who writes several books a year. In regard to productivity, this is the man to turn to.

Don’t be distracted by the errors spellcheck neglected to point out to McConnell; this book’s advice is A+ even if there are some confusions of words like “then” and “than.” The book is still plenty legible, and the important message from it is to keep writing, no matter what. That’s how you churn out novels. That’s how you complete challenges like NaNoWriMo.

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