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Behind the Scenes: ILU, Lai’s Theme Song, NaNoWriMo

Novelvember Is Here! It's November aka National Novel Writing Month. So guess what I'm doing! Youuu guessed it (probably)! I'm working on In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story this month. I've been posting chapters monthly and therefore writing them monthly...And that's a long time in between story bits for me so I can only… Continue reading Behind the Scenes: ILU, Lai’s Theme Song, NaNoWriMo

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Review: Interview with the Vampire

In Vampire Book Club for June, we read Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, and I'm here to give you my opinion on it. You can purchase the book here, and if you do, as an affiliate, I receive a commission for your purchase. As we've discussed before, I have not yet read very… Continue reading Review: Interview with the Vampire