The Author

Who I Am

Hey howdy hi hello, my friend! It’s me, Shailo Satór, author of vampire fiction you won’t hate!

I’m here to provide you with characters you’ll love and characters you’ll love to hate. Unfortunately, I don’t write your typical horror (currently), so if that’s the kind of vampire fiction you’re looking for, you won’t find it here. However, you will find vampire characters with human emotions and drama—as well as problems only a vampire could have. Beyond that, my fiction will introduce you to worlds within the one we live in, full of fantastical peoples and exotic lands you’ve only dreamed of accessing. Strap in for a world of LGBTQIA+ centered romance (and sometimes avoidance of romance). Sometimes erotic. Sometimes cringeworthy (in a good way). Always full of tension.

I’m also here for my writer friends looking for a little bit of professional help in developing their stories, short or long.

Look, Ma!

Here’s some of the cool things I’ve accomplished:

  • Master of Fine arts in Writing – One of those cool graduate degrees that qualifies me to teach creative writing!
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, emphasis in creative writing – I really like writing.
  • Certificate in Creative Writing – Like really, really like writing.
  • NaNoWriMo Winner 2017, 2018 – That means I wrote 50,000 words in one month. Twice. Look out 2019!
  • Editor of Life After Last Breath by Cayla Vanhulle – An erotic vampire thriller—not for the faint of heart.
  • Staff member of Visionary Tales since 2008 – A role playing (collaborative fiction) forum that accommodates members of every demographic, no matter their age or identity, their skill in writing, or amount of time they can devote to their membership.
  • Completed 2 screenplays – First drafts of them anyway!

What I’m Working On

I currently have two separate novels in the works. They take place within the same universe, but they are very different stories:

Destroying Eden – This novel skips throughout history, switching from narrator to narrator to tell several intertwining fantastical stories—of angels, demons, gods, witches, and vampires—that add up to one, very exciting climax.

Lost Blood – My other novel is told from the point-of-view of one man seeking redemption through the story of his Puritan origins in Boston just before the Salem witch trials.

In the future, I hope to tell more modern, vampire-driven stories, but I also want to lumber off into the world of futuristic science fiction into the endless bounds of space.

For now, I’m working diligently to bring my reader friends consistent, fresh content, and I’m trying to read one book a week for the entire year! So far, so good.

How I Have Fun

When I’m not writing or working hard on making sure the blog doesn’t manage to burn down, I enjoy…

  • Writing. Specifically, I do a lot of role playing with a close friend using Google Hangouts where we’ve amassed a library of pairings of our characters and an entire assload of alternate universe plots involving our same favorite characters over and over again.
  • Chatting. I spend a lot of time talking in different servers on Discord, some for RP, and a few for World of Warcraft servers specific to guilds I’m in or am affiliated with.
  • Bingeing. My TV recommendations are: The Magicians (dark fantasy, fantastically written, exciting), Younger (fluffy but dramatic, I don’t yell as much for any other show), and Teen Wolf (bear with the special effects, stay for Stiles). I also love the heck out of some RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Cat Photography. I love doing photoshoots with my cat Fergus. I keep his bed on my desk, so he’s always nearby for me to snap a photo of. I’ll take one right now.
Fergus. Asleep, aloof, adorable.

Not enough? Here. Have some cool facts about me:

  • I have another cat. She pretends like she doesn’t exist, and she’d like for me and everyone else to do the same. Her name is Winks, and she’s gorgeous and elusive.
  • I love chicken strips and ranch dressing. Unless there’s buttermilk involved. Then YEET.
  • I gained a love of writing through role playing on If you’re not familiar, it’s one of those sites where you keep virtual pets and then feel guilted into coming back because they starve indefinitely without you visiting the site to feed them. Anyway, they had role playing message boards, and my first characters were boy/girl twins with anime-esque rose red and lavender hair, respectively. They were badass forest dwellers made a for medieval fantasy setting. When I wasn’t doing med/fant, I was RPing Harry Potter. Yes, Potterhead. I am one of you.

Would you like to get to know me even better? Maybe read some of that writing I just gushed about loving to do?

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