The Fruit of All, a poem

The following is an important poem from my upcoming novel Destroying Eden. It’s a prophecy. Who do you think wrote it?

The Fruit of All

Angel of Exile, cast out from the sun;
Caring Dominion, old Lord of the Land;
Orchard fruit bitter, iron on the tongue:
become Corruption; New Fall of New Man.

Race of new creatures with only one rule:
Rise again Man, no Original Sin,
taste not of Knowledge, a Garden of Fools.
Tempts not the Serpent the simple within.

Bastards the living, half-breeds their own race,
drink Adam’s Blood, curse upon Eden’s Lord.
Bring each together, each kingdom, one place
strange sense of Duty, a break from the war:

Truce proposed now, till the Point of the Fall,
Name her and feed to her The Fruit of All.

I’m still working on this novel, but you can read a full chapter of my work-in-progress! This chapter is especially fun for vampire lovers. UvvU


Orphaned as an infant, Dimitri DesRosiers has inherited his family’s fortune and title, but the violent angel who raised him into the lonely man he’s become has other, eternal plans for him.

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