The Fruit of All, a poem

The following is an important poem from my upcoming novel Destroying Eden. It’s a prophecy. Who do you think wrote it?

The Fruit of All

Angel of Exile, cast out from the sun;
Caring Dominion, old Lord of the Land;
Orchard fruit bitter, iron on the tongue:
become Corruption; New Fall of New Man.

Race of new creatures with only one rule:
Rise again Man, no Original Sin,
taste not of Knowledge, a Garden of Fools.
Tempts not the Serpent the simple within.

Bastards the living, half-breeds their own race,
drink Adam’s Blood, curse upon Eden’s Lord.
Bring each together, each kingdom, one place
strange sense of Duty, a break from the war:

Truce proposed now, till the Point of the Fall,
Name her and feed to her The Fruit of All.

I’m still working on this novel, but you can read a full chapter of my work-in-progress! This chapter is especially fun for vampire lovers. UvvU

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