Vampire Book Club

Welcome, my lovely, vamp-loving children, to Vampire Book Club!

Vampire Book Club is the club I began in order to broaden my knowledge of literature in the vampire sub-genre, but I want you to come on this journey with me! This club will start with vampire novels that provide a foundational knowledge of the sub-genre, and we will spread out from there.

The Details

  • Read one vampire-themed book per month.
  • Discuss the book via Discord at 2PM CST on the first Wednesday of the following month (e.g. read the book in June, discuss the book in July).
  • Join the Vampires and Dark Fantasy Discord Server.
  • Use #VampireBookClub on Twitter to talk about it!
  • Audiobooks are okay!
  • A lot of the very old books about vampires are available are available for free online.
  • Check your local library to read for free! Ask your library how you can get a hold of audiobooks for free too!


Orphaned as an infant, Dimitri DesRosiers has inherited his family’s fortune and title, but the violent angel who raised him into the lonely man he’s become has other, eternal plans for him.

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