Vampire Book Club

Welcome, my lovely, vamp-loving children, to Vampire Book Club!

Vampire Book Club is the club I began in order to broaden my knowledge of literature in the vampire sub-genre, but I want you to come on this journey with me! This club will start with vampire novels that provide a foundational knowledge of the sub-genre, and we will spread out from there.

The Details

  • Read one vampire-themed book per month.
  • Discuss the book via Discord at 2PM CST on the first Wednesday of the following month (e.g. read the book in June, discuss the book in July).
  • Join the Vampires and Dark Fantasy Discord Server.
  • Use #VampireBookClub on Twitter to talk about it!
  • Audiobooks are okay!
  • A lot of the very old books about vampires are available are available for free online.
  • Check your local library to read for free! Ask your library how you can get a hold of audiobooks for free too!