Vampire Lore: The Origin of Vampires

The Vampire Lore of Shailoverse

Welcome to the very first lore post on! When I brainstormed posts for this month’s theme Rebirth, I thought you might want to know how the vampires of Shailoverse came into existence. This is merely a summary of some of my vampire lore. Expect some of this information to play an important role in my upcoming (eventually) series Destroying Eden. You might be wondering why someone might want to destroy Eden. And we’ll get to that. For now, read about the first vampires in Shailoverse.

The Rebirth of Eden

The Fall of Mankind left the Garden of Eden vacant. After The Great Flood, the Garden flourished again, and two fresh humans came into existence upon the roots of the Tree of Life. 

As promised to Adam and Eve, so long as the new Edenites did not partake of the Forbidden Fruit, they would receive the fruit of The Tree of Life, rewarding them with eternal life. Over time, the new humans of Eden grew. They begot children whose children begot more children. They lived free lives, unhindered by the burdens of Knowledge, of shame, of pragmatism, of intellect. These humans operated solely on instinct. They ate fruit, they fought, they fucked, and eventually they evolved—though not by much. As dogs learn tricks, so did the Edenites, motivated by pleasure first and foremost.

Angelic Presence

Just as before, the cherubim stood guard at the walls of Eden, their gigantic presence a menace to any who managed to find the Garden’s magically hidden location. As the population of the Garden grew, however, more angels were brought in to supervise the success of New Eden. A host of malakim patrolled the air, and at times archangels would visit.

Centermost to the fate of Eden was the dominion Amaldriel, a high ranking angel who, with power over lower orders of angels, had allowed the malakim to live as freely as the Edenites. The malakim, with their short attention span and limited duties, grew bored with observing the Edenites.

The Mischief of the Malakim

To entertain themselves, they filled their time by interacting with the humans. They taught them language and how to build simple huts and hunt and trap small animals for food. The malakim carried the humans out of trees when they got stuck, and they plucked them from the river before they could drown. They broke up fights among the Edenites before anyone could get murdered. However, when the angels grew bored again, they trained the Edenites as their pets, forcing them to fight and to procreate with whomever the angels pleased, on their terms. Only the malakim’s imaginations limited what happened to their innocent human victims who were not capable of understanding the abuse inflicted upon them.

Upon learning the sins of his angels, Amaldriel asserted his power over their will, and he reined each of one hundred angels in individually, until the entire host fell under his manual command. He separated them from the Edenites, forcing them to employ their strength and creativity in service of the humans instead. 

The Second Fall of Eden

This system lasted until Amaldriel fell victim to the same desire for interaction as the malakim. He fell in love with one human, and later she became pregnant. Realizing he had taken advantage of a pure Edenite, making him no better than the misbehaving malakim, his guilt crushed him, and he knew that he had corrupted the Edenites through what he viewed as his act of love and selfishness.

New Eden had failed.

But Amaldriel could not bring himself to condemn his pet project…

Intruders in the Garden

During the pregnancy, five intruders bypassed the Cherubim at the East Wall. In response, Amaldriel’s mismanaged attempt to wield his angels without allowing them free will—originally restricted because of their misbehavior, but now kept on lock because he refused to allow New Eden to fail—allowed for the intruders to make it all the way to their target before guards apprehended them. 

The intruders’ hands and faces were still wet from the sweet immortality-granting fruit of the Tree of Life when the malakim collected them. Brought to the angel-built tower nearby, they faced Amaldriel’s punishment: a curse that would make them crave the blood of Adamkind (humans not brought up within Eden’s walls), and be bound by darkness. Their weaknesses would manifest to plague them while they lived their stolen eternal lives, and their strengths would assist them in their eternity of hunting down Adamkind, the Original Sinners, to drink their blood, to take back The Forbidden Fruit from their veins. 

Upon seeing his pregnant companion, the intruders called Amaldriel out for his own transgressions against the people of Eden. Finally facing his own sin, he turned the same punishment upon himself and his lover. Amaldriel sacrificed all six of his wings, the main source of his angelic power, and then exiled himself, his lover, and the five intruders. The first seven vampires would later be known as The Gods of Eden. 

The Gods of Eden

Who are the Gods of Eden? Over the next several months, I’ll be slowly revealing them to you. My vampire lore posts will continue with character profiles and interesting information that you’ll be able to learn even more about when I release Destroying Eden, currently a work-in-progress. What vampire lore and other lore are you interested in learning about my universe? Comment below!

Want a taste of Amaldriel? Read about him in this sample chapter of Destroying Eden.

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