In Lieu of Underwear

Created by Shailo Satór and D.B. Graves

ATTENTION READER: This story is being rebranded and will no
longer be posted on monthly. The plot has changed
significantly and the full book will be released when it’s
complete. It will remain posted for now, but could
disappear later.

Nerd. Smoker. Porn star. Vampire.

Wanted for murder, Lai joins the Vegas supernatural community and meets a vampire who could help him break the ice he’s been living in for over a decade, but as his old life finds ways to filter back in, Lai falls prey to his charming, manipulative ex—the vampire who turned him.

Table of Contents

New chapters added once a month.


Orphaned as an infant, Dimitri DesRosiers has inherited his family’s fortune and title, but the violent angel who raised him into the lonely man he’s become has other, eternal plans for him.

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