In Lieu of Underwear

Created by Shailo Satór and D.B. Graves

Nerd. Smoker. Porn star. Vampire.

Wanted for murder, Lai joins the Vegas supernatural community and meets a vampire who could help him break the ice he’s been living in for over a decade, but as his old life finds ways to filter back in, Lai falls prey to his charming, manipulative ex—the vampire who turned him.

This book is a serialized novel posted right here to my blog! You can currently read it for free by visiting the table of contents below. I add a chapter once a month.

Table of Contents

New chapters added once a month.

ILU Chapters

  • In Lieu of Underwear, A Vampire Story: Chapter 1

    Jess showed up at my apartment wearing nothing but a long white t-shirt and some high heels. I couldn’t tell if her eyes were all glassy from weed or from crying.


    “Just a sec, all right?” I said through the tiny space I’d opened up to talk to her. I shut the door again after she gave me a quiet nod.

    I turned back to the bedroom, but stopped short and… Continue reading

  • In Lieu of Underwear, A Vampire Story: Chapter 2

    I thought drinking a vampire’s blood would be more intimate, but Matthew had made the whole thing transactional. I stood on the other side of the island from him while I watched him ooze his own blood into a glass from a slice on his palm.

    Watching him fill the glass had become a normal thing at that point. I wasn’t a vampire—yet—but I was well on my way after drinking Matthew’s blood before every meal for a month.

    I spaced out on the bloody knife nearby until… Continue reading

  • In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story: Chapter 3

    I fell quiet for most of the ride in the car, my teeth clenched while I watched out the window for signs of where I was being taken. I was pissed. I was just trying to live my fucking life, and now here I was in a goddamn hospital gown in the backseat of a cop car with no clue where I was being taken. Oh, and the best part? Matthew wanted to kill me… Continue reading

  • In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story: Chapter 4

    My eyes fell to Matthew’s fingers pressing in the lock. I had never heard the tumblers of a lock fall into place with such clarity before, but this time, while Matthew stood between me and the only way out, it happened in slow motion, louder than anything I had ever heard.

    When I finally looked at his face again, his eyes moved over the sleeves of my hospital gown. I didn’t offer an explanation… Continue reading

  • In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story: Chapter 5

    On a new mission, I tucked the cigarette behind my ear and found Jackie’s car in the Red Tech Donor Station parking lot. The Porsche was silver and filled with a dark gray leather interior. She must have been serious about me leaving if she was volunteering her car for my bare ass and nutsack to sit on. I had to adjust the seat, pushing its base backward and leaning the seat back some… Continue reading

  • In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story: Chapter 6
    “The best way to get what you want out of someone is to do whatever they want,” Matthew whispered to me. I didn’t realize at the time that Matthew was bestowing upon me his biggest secret.
  • In Lieu of Underwear, a Vampire Story: Chapter 7
    “Fuck, man, don’t shoot.” I put my trembling hands up in surrender and a futile attempt to Force Push Johnny and his stupid gun out of my face. I’d been shot enough lately. Johnny’s gun hand trembled, and he fidgeted like he might explode if he
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